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No matter if attic find, heritage, flea market or collection. Over time, many used and old things such as watches, stamps, dolls, old toys, musical instruments or old books accumulate in a household.

Some of it is certainly rubbish, but more and more you find real antique treasures among it. In such cases, the valuation is not quite simple and not immediately clear. We help you to sell used, old & antiques successfully online free of charge.

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As experts in the field of "valuation" we would like to be on your side and ensure that you find the right buyer and sell your antiques and collectibles profitably online. We are not a buyer, therefore impartial and neutral.

The world of collecting is enormous and has many characteristics. In our guide we publish important news from the scene, interesting facts about antiques and important instructions for determining value, maintaining value and increasing value.

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